Current: FitCamLive - Bodybuilding and fitness are multi-billion dollar businesses, with multiple income streams from related facets. Bodybuilding competitions, bodybuilding magazines, training, supplement sales, and more reach huge audiences yearly; we strive to bring together the biggest faces of the fitness world onto our social network, for one-on-one fitness consultations, fan meetand- greets, live posing sessions, and more. Our fitness advisors will be given the tools they need to record video tutorials, work-out sessions, and to post their latest competition photos. Each advisor will have access to his own blog, collaborative marketing materials, and our social media network. In addition, we will provide fan and fitness forums where bodybuilders, amateur athletes, and those seeking news and gossip can meet, talk, and contribute. Current Stage: Software installation, customization, and recruitment.

In Development: "Big Sister". - From time immemorial, men have been asking one question: "What do Women Want"? Unfortunately, men never seem to ask the right people: women. Big Sister will be a new relationship and dating advice service for men seeking information from women. The advisors on our site will be college aged or older women, acting in part as an agony aunt, and in part as an older, wiser female friend. In addition, our advisors will be able to record video tutorials on what to wear, what to buy, great first dates, and how to write a winning online profile. As our site will not be for dating services, we will tie into several of the larger and more reputable online dating sites, so that our newly informed customers will have the opportunity to try their newfound skills in the real world. Big Sister - coming soon.

In Development: "Seers and Seekers". Life coaching, career advice, and new age sages are all very hot right now; we propose to bring together life professionals, teachers, coaches, and new-age experts together, to provide live, one-on-one advice and coaching. All advisors will be vetted for experience and speciality, and customers will have the opportunity to engage with coaches and advisors in an economically advisable pay-as-you-go modality. While other services do exist to cater to this marketplace, our streaming technology makes it possible for the customer to engage in face-to-face dialogues, to see the person giving the advice, and to have a more compelling, and successful, relationship with their chosen advisor. "Seers and Seekers" - coming soon.